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Questions To Ask Your Potential Cloud Service Provider

Cloud solutions are being discussed by everyone, small and large, from individuals to large enterprises. It's easy to see why cloud solutions are so popular – they offer many benefits over traditional on-site deployments, including faster deployment, lower costs of ownership, reduced administration and maintenance, just to name a few.

The cloud is a source of opportunity for IT companies and Managed Service Providers, (MSPs) that offer solutions to clients. It is not surprising that many smaller IT solution providers have opted to partner with cloud service providers rather than invest the time and effort necessary to create their own cloud solutions. To know more about it, you can also search cloud services via

Cloud services have a number of benefits, including rapid deployment. This can lead IT companies to consider partnerships with cloud vendors. The first complaint won't be made about cloud vendors, but the IT solution providers who sell those services.

 IT Solution Providers should take a step back, ask potential partners about their cloud services, and then explain what happens if things go wrong. Is it the right solution for you?

Cloud computing is the best option for many businesses. Gartner, Inc., the leading global information technology research and advisory firm, stated that a company with a no-cloud policy by 2020 will be just as rare as one without it today. 

This hype makes it appear that everyone who matters is using the cloud and companies with a physical infrastructure will be left behind. This may not be true in all cases. Cloud migration is not always a good idea.