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Term Life Insurance For Smokers

Life insurance is one of the best ways to protect your family if something tragic happens to you. This life insurance gives your loved ones the money they need while you are away.

When you apply for life insurance, companies consider dozens of different factors when deciding how much to charge for your insurance coverage. One of the most important factors to consider is whether you use any type of tobacco. You can also get information about term insurance policy for smoker through the web.

Term Insurance Policy

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Term life insurance for smokers – health assessment

There are two basic health assessments smokers get when applying for life insurance. Tobacco and standard tobacco are preferred. Most of the time smokers getting standard tobacco prices. 

If you exercise regularly, are not overweight, and only smoke a few cigarettes per day, you may be able to achieve your desired level of tobacco consumption.

In addition, after 12 months of quitting smoking, you can apply for insurance with another carrier for a smoke-free rate.

Many insurance companies only offer smoke-free rates to applicants who have never smoked. However, smokers who are otherwise in good health can still get good life insurance if they have been able to maintain a healthy weight, cholesterol level, and overall good health in the past. 

So-called choice smokers can be offered at 25 percent less than standard smokers.