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All About Wine Tasting Techniques

The process of tasting wine can be overwhelming particularly if you're only getting started. There are just a handful of steps to take in mind. Be aware that tasting wine requires your senses, including your eyes, mouth, and nose. The label will inform you of the variety of grapes used in the wine and the vintage. You can find the best wine-tasting certification through various online resources.

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Follow these steps the next time you're trying wine. It's only going to take about 5 minutes. 


Take a look at the color of the wine as it's sitting in the glass. You should see clearly and have no film. Don't be concerned about sediment in red wine and crystals in white wine. They won't harm you. Also, take a look at the color that the wine has. 

A wine that is darker in color, more intense the flavor. As red wines age, the opposite is true. Be cautious about red wine that appears to be authentically red or shows the scent of orange. They're likely old. 


This is a crucial step since your nose can detect hundreds of smells. First, stir the bottle. This will reveal the wine's aroma. Take a deep breath and take an instant. When you're taking notes, make some descriptions of the scent you detect. The majority of the time, you'll detect pleasant smells of oak honey, rose petals, honey, and fruits