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A Guide on Nato Straps

A watch strap is an important component in the world of watch geeks. Many watch owners choose from leather, rubber, and fabric as their preferred options. Watch lovers still have nato stropper (in English “NATO straps”) available as an alternative to the Zulus.

nato stropper

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Some people think NATO straps look bad, but many watch enthusiasts believe these straps are better than fashion statements. But what is a NATO strap exactly?

The British Ministry of Defence (MoD), which first created the strap in 1973, required soldiers to sign a form called G10. The NATO's first strap was also known as G10 or Admiralty Grey due to its color.

There is a concern: Many believe NATO is named after NATO's military troops, but it isn't. It is derived from NATO Stock Number (NSN), an alphanumeric code used by the British MoD to categorize all standard materials within the system.

How to wear your Nato Watch Strap

NATO watch straps have a reputation for being easy to use and convenient. You can style them in many different ways and they come in many colors.

These interchangeable nylon straps are great for all occasions and get-ups. This is a more rugged option, but most watch geeks still love nylon bands for their use as watch straps, especially for automatic watches for men.

You will need to choose the right color NATO strap for you to start using. To highlight your style and fashion, you can wear a NATO strap in black with a rose-gold buckle.