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The importance of product photography in e-Commerce in Melbourne

Talking about graphics, the most important thing about e-commerce is the images of your products. A good image can increase your sales.

Here are some basic tips on what your product photo will look like depending on what you are selling online:

The keys are minimalism and simplicity.

Your product must be in focus. Try not to include too many visual elements in a photo, just one of the main elements, namely your product. You can get more information about e-commerce product photography in Melbourne at Blue Tree Studios.

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The background must be solid, white, gray, or light. You need to brighten up the background and remove the shadows, but don't edit the photo too much. The product must look exactly like the original.

Consider an alternative view of the product you are selling.

The more visual information the prospect has, the more willing they are to buy it. Google recommends using rear views and close-ups for additional images, but not the main image. The product must account for at least 75%, but not more than 90% of the overall image.

Invest in a good photo service and even better photos.

High-quality product photos show customers that you take your business seriously and provide them with more security. However, a good product photo means nothing if the process takes too long. In this case, the dropout rate is outside the chart.

Consistency is the key.

Plan in detail how each photo will look, from backgrounds to lighting, to editing and creating unique templates. Each product must be photographed the same way and in the same conditions. If all product photos are similar, customers can simply scan your page and select the product they want.