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Inflatable Games Rentals for the Summer

Inflatable games have become a popular activity in recent years. These huge inflatable slides and giant bouncy houses filled with air, as well as enormous obstacle courses, are common sights at local parks and backyards. In the summer months, it is difficult to find a party without at least one bounce house. 

All kinds of Games are being rented by people

There are many options to rent inflatables. Many companies provide a ‘bounce house for rent’ ( also known as ‘casa de rebote en alquiler’ in the Spanish language) according to your needs.

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These "must-have" party rentals come in a variety of sizes and colors. The original inflatable game industry began with the moonwalk, also known as a bounce house. 

Today, inflatables come in many shapes and sizes, including moonwalks, jumping castles, bounce houses, and other inflatables.

Moonwalks are not the only thing on the market today. Renting inflatable games is a great option. There are giant inflatable jousting rings, huge inflatable slides with single, dual, or triple lanes; there are also obstacle courses that will amaze and test your senses and challenge you as an athlete. 

Inflatable games – there are so many themes

Inflatable games are versatile and can be rented in a variety of themes or customized to meet the event's needs. Inflatable games designers have many options. Many rental companies offer Spongebob, Spiderman, and Blues Clues options. There are many shapes and sizes of bounce houses, including lions, gorillas, and doggy shapes.

Inflatable slides can be customized to fit any theme. Manufacturers offer Obstacle courses that fit a particular theme. Interactive games can be selected by color or activity to match a particular theme.