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The Importance of Paint Booth Inspection

The most common problems likely to be faced by the spray booth include over-spraying, dripping, spilling or undesirable accumulation of paint. Fortunately, this problem can be managed and even prevented through regular inspection of the paint booth.

To keep your paint booth as safe as possible, there are some things that you must do regularly to keep your booth and the safety of those who work in it. You can explore online sources if you are looking for industrial paint booth manufacturers in CA.

Remove paint Accumulation

When the paint accumulates in the booth, it can be difficult to remove. To prevent this from happening, you will want to apply a protective layer during each inspection booth. Inspections also allow you to see the possibility of accumulation of paint.

Exhaust stacks

If Fremont 59L is used or applied to the stacks, then the hand scraper can be used to easily remove the Exhaust stacks more spray paint. For an easy sludge removal, Fremont Fremont 59L and 60 can be applied to the walls of the booth.

Smooth Operations Line Operation

For perfect spray painting production line, part of which will be sprayed usually taken or suspended from hooks. They are then transported through the spray in such a way that any over spray will lose parts will be painted hooks. It would be easy to produce a line of operations by removing paint from hooks. A paint stripper additive will always reduce the stripping time.