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Dynamics 365 – Drive Your Business Forward

When Microsoft released Dynamics 365, its goal was to integrate this solid, closed-door application into a suite of smart cloud tools. With this service, companies of all sizes can benefit from the power of integrated applications and optimized information flow. 

This leads to modern, smart companies that can make faster and better decisions that lead to the best results. Several proven cases concerning companies have benefited from the introduction of Dynamics 365. You can navigate to this site to get the best information about microsoft dynamics 365 consulting.

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What new features can your company support

Better sales results with Dynamics 365 + LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Microsoft recently announced a new integration with LinkedIn that allows retailers to achieve superior results using insights from LinkedIn's Sales Navigator and a database of 500 million professionals. 

The sales navigator in combination with Dynamics 365 increases the efficiency of the sales force significantly. This is done by allowing vendors to join their professional network and enhance the pipeline 

Customer-centric retail for a multi-channel audience

Retailers in today's digital landscape face several challenges, whether they are managing day-to-day operations in stores or realizing digital transformation for future growth. 

Dynamics 365 for retail is a new cloud service that offers retailers an integrated overall view of their processes with central management and transparency in stores, employees, stocks, customers, etc.

Perfect for mobile devices, sell-out spots that help front-end workers do their best and improve customer service

Strong multi-channel capabilities that allow customers to connect with retailers anytime, anywhere to define purchase and return policies.