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Natural Mineral Eye Makeup For Sensitive Skin


Eyes are one of the most essential and delicate parts of a human body. Women are fond of eye makeup, with this they make their public appearance more appealing. Natural Eye Liners, Mascara, and Eye Shimmer lend your eyes that extra charm needed when you attend parties or formal occasions like weddings.

If you are a makeup- freak, you should definitely check for more natural and organic makeup products to enhance your beauty.


Most natural beauty experts recommend opting for natural products, as they are healthier, affordable, and safe and can be worn daily, especially natural eye shadows and Eyeliners are best if worn regularly.

Natural eye makeup products

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If you have a fair complexion, it is advised to wear light shades like pink or peach. For a darker complexion, metallic colors would definitely make a huge appeal. In all seasons, it is necessary to keep your natural eye makeup clean and hygienic, to avoid infections and eye allergies.

Always use natural and organic-certified makeup products. When buying eye makeup, avoid products that contain parabens, or compositions of parabens. They may cause irritation to sensitive eyes.

Some eye mascara, eye shadow, and shimmer may have Talc as one of their compositions that cause skin eczema, redness, and allergy for people with sensitive skin.

Artificial colors are a big turn off as they are synthetically manufactured and most skin types are allergic to them. It is advised that products having Kohl, as a color chemical addition can cause damage to eyes if used on a regular basis.