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A Holiday Villa in Paphos Cyprus is Still Affordable

With cheap flights to Paphos Cyprus and current extremely low property prices, your dream of a holiday villa in Paphos may not be your dream for long. Paphos richness vacation villas are located in the western part of Cyprus and spend around 320 days a year in the beautiful sunshine. 

Most of Paphos is very wild, the villages are typical, the coast is probably the best in the south and extends to the east coast. A holiday trip to Paphos is not as expensive as you might think, because several airlines offer cheap flights to Paphos. 

Owning or renting a holiday villa in Paphos, Cyprus can only be an advantage during a hotel stay. After the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, you need to spend a decent vacation, and what could be better than being in your holiday villa in Paphos.

Thrifty flights to Paphos, Cyprus can make your holiday villa cheaper now than a few years ago because it is only 4½ hours' flight from London. Even a long weekend getaway to your holiday villa in Paphos is beyond doubt. There are at least 6 airlines that offer you cheap flights to Paphos in Cyprus.

Paphos is steeped in history and has a lot to offer in ancient trails. Leave Paphos in all directions, and the hills and deep river valleys offer a change from the city's occasional stamina. Life in Cyprus is good for your health, the air is cleaner and sunlight helps stiff joints !!