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Luxury Chocolates Can Make Really Marvelous Wedding Favors And Gifts

Wedding favors became more common at smaller weddings as sugar became more affordable and more readily available. Italians invented sugared almonds, which replaced Bonbonnieres as a wedding favor. Each gift package contained 5 sugared almonds, which were meant to represent wealth, fertility, health, and longevity for the happy couple.

It takes time and effort to prepare for a wedding. Every aspect of the wedding is a personal decision. It is also important to give thought to favors. These should not be bought in a rush and should match the theme of the wedding. You can personalize favors with the names of the bride or groom, as well as the date and the location of your wedding. These days, there are so many options. You can also buy favors online from

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Some couples will give CDs with their favorite music or small silver frames with their names engraved. Some other popular favors include scented candles and gourmet coffee, a scroll containing a favorite poem, and scented soap. Confectionery remains a popular gift choice and you can find a wide range of options, from traditional sugared almonds to gourmet chocolates.

Consider what kind of favors you want to give and how much it will cost. You should set a budget to pay for favors. This will ensure that you don't spend too much, and that your guests have something they love so that they can always remember your special day.