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Ways to Save Up Your Batteries

Do you use rechargeable batteries at home? Of course! But the thing is, rechargeable batteries are undoubtedly much more expensive. They are not cheap! Before disposing of the battery, test it to see if it is recoverable or not.

And guess what? This not only saves money, but is environmentally friendly too! Batteries are charged with chemicals that seep into our soil and enter our waterways. So you need to take care of your battery to ensure long life. You can also look for 18650 lithium ion battery online.

Here is a list of simple tips to help you extend the life of your battery.

Don't burden it: Charging is terrible for your battery life! It is better not to leave the battery in the charger for more than a day after the battery is fully charged. Turn it off when you see the "Full" indicator on the charger.

Regular full dilution cycle: You can do this by inserting the battery into the device until it is empty. Do it at least once a month. This is great for preventing memory effects.

You better stay calm: Do not let the battery get too hot while charging. In this process, the battery heats up a little and then cool down once it is fully charged. As you can see, excessive heat can cause the battery to explode!

Use a quality charger: It is preferable to choose a model with a thermal monitor to avoid overcharging. Make sure to bring a good quality charger if you have one in stock.