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Lanscape Ideas to Enhance Your Home Security

Most homeowners like to plant trees, bushes, and shrubs near their homes to provide a sense of privacy, especially in neighborhoods where homes are close together. But an effective home security plan includes keeping this greenery well-trimmed so that thieves cannot use it for cover while they probe for weak points.

The following list of landscaping tips for your home security plan will help to keep your yard looking good and deter thieves that look for any opportunity to gain easy access to your home. To get landscaping services visit

Trim Tree Branches Close to your House

Tree branches that come closer than 7 feet from upper story windows and decks are as good as a ladder to a thief. A big part of a home security plan is to keep tree branches near your house well-trimmed to remove this opportunity.

Keep your Lawn Mowed

An unkempt lawn is a green light to thieves that you are out of town. If you need to be away for business or vacation, ask a friend or a trustworthy neighbor kid to mow your lawn at least once a week.

Properly Store Ladders

Leaving an unsecured ladder in your backyard is an easily avoidable breach of your home security plan. When you are done with ladders or other tools, make sure that they are put back in the garage or secured to a tree to prevent easy access to upper-story windows and decks.

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Guide On For Guarantee Your Lawn Will Look Best

If you mow correctly, your yard will blossom and flourish, but if you do it the wrong way, it could spell disaster for your yard.

In this article, you will learn the fundamentals of managing your lawn correctly.

1) Set your mow high

Before undertaking the task of mowing your yard, it is essential to set the mower blades to the correct height. It is never a good idea to begin mowing without considering the height of the grass.

The rule of thumb, whenever you wish to mow the lawn, is to cut approximately 1/3 of your existing grass height. You can also get lawn trimming services by visiting

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Although trimming the lawn can be stressful and time-consuming as the grass may quickly grow again, taking the time to cut your lawn properly is worth the stress involved. Cutting grass too low exposes the plants to pest attacks like fungi.

2) Avoid mowing your yard when it's wet

The best time to mow any lawn is the early part of the day before the sun comes up. Pruning in the morning is advisable because the grounds will be dry.

In addition, early morning mowing is less stressful compared to the afternoon. If you mow your lawn at noon and live in a warm climate, the hot weather will stress the lawn and wear you out quickly.

Always resist the urge to mow when the ground is wet because the trimming will not be uniform. In addition, cutting wet grass can clog your mower and damage your blades.