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Architecture or Interior Design Which Is Better?

Interior and Architecture: The space under the stairs is often neglected by people. It is an important area that is neglected by many of us despite its many uses. We can take advantage of them in various ways like storing winter clothes, books, kids' toys, things that are rarely used.

Architectural design projects are the life and soul of the School of Architecture. As a student, you are always working on one, and somehow it becomes what your life revolves around. You will try your best and believe you did your best, but on jury day, you can lose your confidence when you see everyone else's project, not because your project is low, but because your Presentation is lacking. Learn more through sites about Architecture and Interior Design.

Your architecture professor may give you credit for a creative design regardless of presentation, but your future client may just look at the presentation, so make it a habit to incorporate your design skills into all aspects of your project, right now. Start with. Here, we'll give you some basic tips on how to create a stunning architecture project presentation.

• Size and orientation

• Layout

• Background

• color's

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Soft and refined

In the Townhouse Master Suite, designers Shikha and Varsha Jeol have created a style that is sophisticated and elegant, and even romantic. "We employed a palette of creams and grays to keep the bedroom cool with cool air," they say. "Coral accents bring the warmth as well as contrast."

A simple drapery that has Greek Key trim creates privacy and lighting control and provides a soft accent to the space. A headboard that is upholstered, customized with an extra height to add visual interest, and coupled with wooden bedside tables that have hidden storage, add a touch of intrigue to the overall cool and welcoming color scheme.