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Which is Better – A Wooden Rabbit Hutch Or Rabbit Cage?

One of the most important options to consider when buying the rabbit as the pet is the choice to have an enclosure. You'll be wondering which is better to choose: a wooden rabbit hutch or a cage made of metal. You can also search online for the best indoor rabbit coop.

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Let's start with styles. The wooden hutch, as well as the cage made of metal, are available in a variety of designs and sizes. It is possible to pick from basic one-story to huge cages and hutches, both of which provide plenty of space based on the size of the rabbit in the enclosure. 

Contrary to what many believe a cage for rabbits isn't the stereotyped cage made of wire, as modern cages offer plenty of space, as well as an accessory that can be detached, such as running.

Metal cages are generally composed of small wires. This makes them easy to clean, particularly by removing the bottom floor. For cages with two stories, the solid floor will be located in the upper part.

There are also simple cages that have hard flooring constructed from metal. However, regardless of which one you pick whether it's a wire or solid flooring it is still necessary to offer bedding and cover to safeguard the soft paws of your rabbit.