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Some Questions on Immune System Boosters: Habits, Foods, Supplements, And More

Q. How does the immune system work?

A healthy immune system works to identify and attack foreign cells in the body. When your body discovers something that shouldn't be there, lymphocytes–white blood cells–rush in to attack. 

This immune response often causes a lot of the symptoms we associate with being sick: fever, congestion or runny nose, aching, fatigue, and more. Your immune cells also work to create antibodies to recognize an intruder again, so you have a hard time getting the exact same disease twice.

Q. Can you boost your immune system at all?

Yes and no. Immune health is complicated, and like most things in the body, it needs balance with immunity booster supplements. A "strong immune system" is simply one that is good at responding to actual threats before they harm you. 

After all, an allergy is just an over-reaction to non-dangerous foreign material in the body. "Boosting" your immune system is less about making your immune system stronger and more about helping your immune system do its job.

Q. What happens when you boost your immune system?

Typically, foods, habits, and supplements that boost your immune system do this by supporting immune functions. They can help fight off disease alongside white blood cells. Some nutrients and habits directly support your immune system or are necessary for overall health and wellness. Others help your body deal with the symptoms of a strong immune response.