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A Complete Guide For Vegetarian To Paris

Paris can be described as a place rich in culture and history and visitors from all across the globe flock to the city to see the glory that has been a part of history. 

Here are the best Parisian vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Europe Archives at Vegan Travel Agent can help you to find unique destinations to eat.

Le Potager du Marais:

The doors to this family-run eatery are located in the Marais district of Paris–Paris's first vegetarian eatery. It's purely vegetarian, providing a non-meat version of the traditional French food that attracts many gourmets to Paris every year.

It's a vegetarian French onion soup. It's classic crepes made from buckwheat and even vegetarian "beef" Bourguignon. It's all the comforts of the French rural home, but none of the meaty guilt.

L'as du Fallafel:

This iconic Marais is well worth the wait that is always long. Its signature sandwiches are with falafel as well as cucumber, pickled cabbage, cooked vegetables and garlic sauce.

Cafe Pinson:

Café Pinson is a well-established vegetable paradise that serves delicious organic and healthy food. It's a traditional brunch destination in the fashionable Haut-Marais welcoming the trendy crowd with cold-pressed juices and fresh vegetables as you've never had before.

However, the patrons may appear Parisian and chic. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Don't forget to check out the "no meatballs" and the chocolate cake made from vegan ingredients for pure pleasure at its best. There are many gluten-free options also available.