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Easy And Harmless Tanning Using Self-Tanners

Tanning is an age-old craze of people. It is the process in which the skin color darkens on exposure to ultraviolet radiation or artificial sources. Sun bathing and other tanning methods allow people to deliberately tan their skin. Use of chemical products let people enjoy the obsession of getting tanned without the exposure to harmful radiations.

Although moderate exposure to sun is essential for the body to produce vitamin-D, excessive exposure leads to sunburn, skin cancer and other health problems. Freckle Stain Self-tanning products have become popular in this regard as an answer to the problem. They achieve the tan but without the dangerous effects. They darken the skin even during sunless seasons and also help to avoid any contact with harmful radiations.

Such self tanning options are innumerable. It includes stainers, dye based bronzers, tan accelerators, sun beds, sunlamps, and so on. They are available mostly in the form of creams, gels, sprays, or lotions and can be self-applied on the skin. Bronzers provide temporary effects.

Spray options available at spas, salons, and tanning businesses use a colorless chemical that is sprayed on the body. The active ingredient in most of these is the dihydroxyacetone. This chemical burns the dead cells on the top layer of the skin to give it a brown color. The coloring gradually fades within a few days as the dead skin sheds off.

Most of these self-tanning agents do not contain sunscreen. It is advisable to use them indoors or at nights. Wearing goggles avoids contact to the eyes. Wearing nose plugs while getting a spray-on makes sense. A good research about the available products and trying a sample before using is important to avoid any possible skin allergies.