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Pregnancy Guide For First Time Mommies

The first thing you should do after reading a positive pregnancy test is to confirm it. You should immediately contact your doctor or midwife to confirm a home pregnancy test. If you are lucky they may see you in a day or two, otherwise, you may have to wait a week or two before you are confirmed to be pregnant. 

You will soon learn that patience will prove to be your worst friend or foe now and throughout your pregnancy. It's best to learn this early. We hope that in a day or two you will confirm that you are indeed pregnant. You can also get more information about pregnancy via

You should make an appointment with your obstetrician/gynecologist as soon as possible, chances are you won't see the staff before meeting them. At the first appointment, your doctor or midwife will want to know all about you and your father's medical history, so be prepared before you go to the doctor's office. They will want to know if you have ever been pregnant, if you have or have any medical conditions in your family and so on. It is best to gather this information and write it down before your meeting.

As you prepare for your appointment, it's also a good idea to keep your list of questions or concerns up to date after speaking with your doctor or midwife. Doctors and Midwives are here to help and every question is asked under the sun, no question is too stupid so don't be shy about asking and remember the only stupid questions are those that aren't asked.