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Choosing The Right Metrics For Digital Marketing Success

Measuring your results can really close the gap between the struggle and your return on investment. There are many ways to get an idea of your digital marketing efforts, but it's important to only choose the one that fits your overall strategy. Let's discuss the main indicators and how they can help you succeed. There are three categories, traffic, conversions, and revenue.


Site Traffic:

This metric gives you an idea of whether or not your digital marketing techniques are effective. Remember to focus on individual visitors to your website, not website visits and page views. Moreover, you can also make use of several digital marketing techniques in Milwaukee via

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Traffic Sources:

How do your visitors land on your website? Maybe the keyword you used got it there, maybe it was a search query or even a link. This metric will tell you which channel to focus on.

Click Rate:

The CTR of any digital marketing plan is the number of viewers who actually clicked on the ad/offer. A great way to increase your CTR is to combine it with effective content and a strong call to action.


Conversion Rate:

Conversion is the main goal of your strategy. You need to convert traffic into sales/leads. Monitoring conversion rates can help you point your strategy in the right direction.

Abandon Rate:

If your website is irrelevant to viewers, they will skip or "skip" the page. This concept will help you get closer to the right target audience/potential customers.

Response Rate:

The popularity of your website is determined not only by your traffic but also by the return of viewers. Knowing your ROI can help you improve your website in a way that converts traffic into leads and drives engagement.


  • Return on Investment
  • Purchase Price