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What Are The Different Types Of Cleaning Services?

Due to the larger office buildings and homes, the cleaning sector is growing rapidly due to excellent service and increasing market demand. Cleaners are fully qualified in several cleaning procedures. In large office buildings, it is impossible to attract large teams to keep the workplace clean. In addition, both partners often work hard at home and cannot find time to maintain their home. Therefore, commercial and residential cleaning services are in great demand and used by a large number of people today.

Various types of services are offered by companies to meet customer specifications and different industry requirements and claim that professional work and good service are our core values (written as professioneel werk en goede service zijn onze kernwaarden in the Dutch language). Let's have a look at them.

A wide range of cleaning services offered by PST Cleaning

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Home Services:

They are especially useful when you have a large home. The company's experienced cleaning team is equipped with the latest tools and materials to keep your home looking new. This team is well trained in a variety of innovative cleaning methods and has extensive knowledge of what materials to use on what types of surfaces. So you can relax and just enjoy the comfort of cleanliness and friendly life. 

Contract Services: 

A tidy office space shows standards and creates a pleasant work environment. The company offers a wide range of services for this sector, such as window cleaning, concierge services, carpet cleaning, garbage disposal, toilet maintenance, etc. Many companies want their offices cleaned at night or only on weekends when it is closed to ensure that employees are not disturbed while they are working. All of these requirements are met.