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Roof Hatches – Important Questions and Answers

Q: What are roof hatches used for?

A: They provide a way to get people, equipment, or materials to or from the roof.

Q: Is the roof hatch only used in commercial construction?

A: No. While they are used mainly in commercial construction, designers of residential buildings use them as points of egress to roof decks and gardens, making it easy for roof gardeners or amateur astronomers to get their supplies and equipment up to the roof safely and easily. However, if you want to have commercial roof hatches, you can hop over to this site: 

Q: How does one access roof hatch?

A: They are generally accessed via stairs or ladder from inside the building. In addition, the safety rails or safety ladder are often mounted on the outside of the hatch to ensure a safe and comfortable passage into and out of the opening.

Q: Is the roof hatch usually installed during construction or afterwards?

A: Most installations occurred during construction or to replace existing damaged hatch. Installing them after construction is possible, but more difficult.

Q: Who specifies the hatch to be used?

A: Generally, an architect will determine the size and/or style of hatch design. It will then be handed over to the general contractor or subcontractor for resources as part of their bid.

Q: Is the roof hatch always used on the roof?

A: No, they can be used on any surface where a portal is needed. While mostly used on the roof, they have also been used as a floor hatch to provide entry/exit to the sublevel.