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Why Is Brick Pointing Of Historic Buildings Important In Sydney?

Brick pointing of historic buildings is a common feature in many historic districts across the world. The brick remains in its original location on the building façade because it has historical significance and adds to the beauty of the area. Recently, there have been debates about whether or not bricks should be pointing up or down. 

This article will explain why brick pointing in Sydney is important, how to care for your stone, and why it might be better to paint over an old mortar rather than repair it.

What is Brick Pointing?

Brick pointing is the use of brick, stone or mortar to ornament architectural features such as spires, domes, arches, and other features on a building. The practice can be traced back centuries and is still used today in some places. 

Brick pointing can add a level of detail and beauty to a building that would not be possible with just pure decoration.

Brick pointing can be used to add detail to a building that would not be possible with just pure decoration. for example, a spire on a building may not be possible to make completely out of stone without it looking too artificial. 

By using brick pointing, the spire can be made to look more real and naturalistic. Additionally, brick pointing can create an interesting contrast between the sharply pointed features of the spire and the softer curves of the rest of the building.