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Why Did The Sale Of Toilet Paper Rise During Pandemic?

The role of toilet paper is very important when it comes to maintaining hygiene. Millions of toilet paper rolls are sold in the US every year, but there has been an exponential rise in the sales of toilet paper soon after COVID 19 pandemic hit the globe. People started stockpiling essential products, which obviously included toilet paper rolls.

People weren’t sure as to when this pandemic is going to end, so they made all the arrangements to live worry-free until the virus is gone for good. Now that the vaccines are out and people have been inoculated, people still are not buying toilet paper because they have got a huge stock already in their homes. They have bought dozens of rolls and now, they don’t have to go out to buy toilet paper at least.

However, if your stock has ended, then you should buy a new roll of toilet paper. You can check out reviews of best toilet paper by consumer reports to determine the most suitable toilet paper for your family. The list includes toilet paper for people with extra-sensitive skin, so if your skin becomes red and itchy after using a hard toilet paper, then you can easily find a soft toilet paper that is perfect for your skin.