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Buying Better Beer Box In Australia: Some Suggestions

Craft beer is gaining popularity and more businesses are looking to capitalize on this new demand. You've likely seen beers from smaller breweries appearing in previously unimaginable places, such as chain restaurants or big-box discount stores.

 How can you as a consumer ensure that you are spending your money on something that you will enjoy? These five tips will help you buy a better beer box. You'll never again be disappointed by an inferior beer box.

  • Check the Date

Beer, like anything else you might buy at the grocery store, is a perishable food item. You wouldn't buy a gallon of milk unless you double-checked the expiration date. Respect your beer box in the same way. If you are looking for a beer box in Australia go through

The Beer Vendor - The colour of a beer doesn't really tell us what a beer will taste like, but it will tell us certain characteristics about the beer and its potential

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To ensure that consumers receive fresh beer, the breweries will include a "packed on" or "best by" date on their bottles and/or boxes. However, verifying these dates isn't always simple. Beer is at its freshest within 120 days of packaging, as a general rule. After then, it'll probably taste nothing like the brewer intended.

  • Avoid Brightly Lit Coolers 

Beer has two mortal enemies. Light is one of their mortal enemies. Breweries try to pack their beer in a way that keeps them as light-free as possible. Many times, however, retail outlets don't treat beer with the same respect. 

The beer's flavor could be affected if it is kept under bright fluorescent lights. This is especially true for clear and green bottles. Cans and brown bottles provide complete protection against harmful UV light. 

The smell of "skunked" (or lightstruck beer) is the same as it sounds: it's like a skunk. This is a bad thing. Beer can be lightstruck in minutes. Buy a beer box that hasn't been stored under UV lights or grab it from the cooler back where it is usually darker.