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Common Signs of Fatigue You Must be Aware of

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Feeling fatigued is common but shouldn’t be ignored. Fatigue causes problems to our health where you also risk the chance of losing your job. Rest, sleep, exercise and diet are some of the ways of dealing with fatigue. Truck drivers are professionals who often deal with fatigue every once in a while. If you too are a truck driver, you should be aware of these common signs of fatigue.

  1.  Feeling Pain in the Abdomen – Abdominal pain can be caused by feeling fatigued, especially in the gut region. The worrying sign is that majority of drivers feel that this problem is related to stomach upsets.
  2. Feeling of Losing Appetite – Another feeling caused by fatigue is losing appetite. Fatigue can cause you to eat less or no hungry at all.
  3. Feeling Dizzy – For our body to function normally, dizziness is something one cannot ignore. Plus, losing balance or hurting are some of the causes of dizziness.
  4. Feeling Irritated – With the smallest of things, you are bound to get irritated. This is the cause of feeling fatigued. Moreover, you are bound to lose your patience level which is a worrying sign.
  5. Feeling Anxious – Feeling worried and nervous is caused due to fatigue. Anxiousness can affect your mental health even if there is none.
  6. Feeling Depressed – Depression by fatigue is rare yet, you may face this. In order to get your feeling of depression under control, see an expert as soon as possible.

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