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Are you feeling a Throbbing Back Pain?

Low back pain should not be a cause of alarm. Back pain is the second most common reason for medical visits in Singapore, after headaches. Low back pain is a common problem for 90% of adults, with the majority of them being working men.

The paradox is that the more severe the pain, the lesser the severity and extent of the physical damage. A simple back strain from prolonged sitting can lead to strained muscles. Although not serious, the nagging pain can interfere with professional workers who require a lot of space to focus. For severe problems, you can get the best scoliosis treatment in USA from

A simple back strain can cause severe back pain, which could make it impossible to stand or walk properly. This is most common in athletes and those who do a lot with manual labor. A large herniated disc or a completely degenerated spine structure in an elderly person can cause pain.

Because the back muscles themselves are complicated, low back pain can be very complex. This problem has been addressed by many lower back pain remedies.

Chiropractic Manipulation

Although chiropractic medicine is primarily concerned with the structural elements of the body's structure, chiropractors argue that structural manipulation can also benefit other areas.  


Acupuncture treatments use thin, sterilized disposable needles to restore blood flow through the back. This helps relieve lower back pain. This increases blood flow, oxygen, and lymph nodes and speeds up the healing process. Medical specialists have found that acupuncture can cause neuro-chemicals like serotonin, endorphins, and enkephalins to be released. This contributes to pain relief and inflammation reduction.

Therapy and massage

Lower back pain sufferers often resort to massage therapy for relief. Medical science refers to massage therapy as an effective adjunct to lower-back treatments and a legitimate aid in lower back pain. Massage therapy is a complementary treatment that 54% of doctors recommend to their patients.

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Spinal Stenosis Therapy: Could CBD Be Helpful?

You might need spinal stenosis treatment if you have low back pain, muscle weakness or numbness linked with this problem of the spine. 

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal canal or area surrounding the spinal cord and nerves is narrowed. This leads to pressure on the extremely important nerves that are carried inside the spinal cord. Along with the pain that comes from pressure on the nerves, various signals which would typically be passed to the brain down the nerves are obstructed. That's the reason we can experience tingling, weakness or insufficient co-ordination, mainly in the legs. 

Spinal stenosis treatment can be quite different based on the reason behind the problem. There might be a lot of reasons why the spinal canal is now narrower. Often, it's brought on by arthritis in the spine which could have several effects. Bone spurs could form, penetrating the spinal canal. Ligaments in the spine can become stiffened by calcification. The tissue within the vertebral joints can become thickened by swelling, impinging on the area surrounding the spinal cord, or the discs between the backbone may be degenerating.

Sometimes the inflammation and swelling can be dealt with by taking cbd drops daily but more than often it can require surgery. However, you should sit down and talk with your doctor about all your options before deciding which way to go.