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Makers Of Similac And Enfamil Failed To Warn About The NEC Risks

Abbott Laboratories Inc. is a large Illinois-based medical device and product manufacturer that manufactures Similac. They are likely familiar to you. Mead Johnson Nutrition Company is the company behind Enfamil, but you are less likely to have. It is still a 16-billion-dollar company.

Abbott and Mead knew about the connection between their formulas and NEC risks, but they chose to not include warning labels on their products. You can hire attorneys for legal action against such firms if your baby develops  NEC due to this formula feeding via

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Mead and Abbott were both well aware of the scientific evidence that showed their cow-milk-based formulas increased NEC risk in premature infants.

It is easy to change the warning on a baby formula that falls under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. It is much easier to modify a warning under FDCA than to change, say, a warning about a drug.

Why not add a warning to this? These baby formula lawsuits are only the beginning. It is simple to predict based on facts on the ground. Follow the money. Warnings will result in fewer sales. A lower sales volume will result in fewer yachts and higher profits. The story is familiar, right?

Despite mounting scientific evidence that their formulas pose an increased risk to premature infants developing NEC, Mead & Abbott continued to market their products as safe, despite failing to warn customers about this danger. But on seeing more and more cases of NEC in children certain laws have been made which helps the parents of such ill babies to sue these big firms.