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How Do You Fix Auto Transmissions

This blog post about auto transmissions and the repair process is for anyone that has ever had a car go through the paces. Discover here what it means to have your transmission repaired, how the process works, and most importantly, how to get one done.

Auto transmissions are the main part of modern vehicles. They allow for smooth, consistent movement between the car's gears and can save you time on your commute. Unfortunately, auto transmissions can also go wrong and need to be fixed. Here is a guide on how to fix an auto transmission:

Common Symptoms

If you're experiencing any of the following symptoms, it's likely your transmission is going bad. Here are some tips on how to fix them:

1. The car stalls suddenly and won't restart.

2. The car makes a "clunking" noise when shifting gears.

3. The car struggles to go over 50 mph.

4. The car has a hard time accelerating or breaking in gear.

1. Check the fluid level and replace any that is low or empty. Make sure the fluid is at the correct temperature, as cold fluids can cause problems with the transmission.

2. Check for any debris in the transmission fluid and remove it using a filter or strainer. If debris is found, replace the fluid and filter.

3. Use a scan tool to check for any faults in the transmission system. If there are any issues, repairs will need to be made.

4. Change the gear selector cable if it is worn or broken. This can cause problems with the transmission and should be replaced if necessary.