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Know The Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Used Car

Purchasing a certified used car through a reputable dealer in the automotive industry offers buyers many advantages as it has been through a thorough and rigorous inspection and is as reliable as a new car. Unlike buying from a private seller or a used car auction, buying from a reputable auto dealer gives buyers confidence in the safety and value of their investment. You can also avail the benefits of auto reconditioning software for retail and independent car dealers.

Some of the advantages of buying a certified used vehicle are:

Certified by manufacturer or distributor

Certified used cars are certified directly by the manufacturer. Cars will only be registered if they are less than a few years old. Every certified used vehicle is thoroughly inspected and repaired. If necessary, the car will be repaired according to the manufacturer's certification requirements. Most of the time, certified vehicles are more durable and are nationally recognized.


Certified used vehicles can help you avoid major investment expenses when buying a vehicle. It is still possible to enjoy the safety of a new car which is CPO. Buying a used car is cheaper than buying an uncertified used car and buying yourself an extended warranty. When purchasing Autokauf CPO, an extended warranty is included in the price.

Extended Warranty

Most certified used cars are thoroughly inspected and come with a manufacturer's warranty, and often a more comprehensive warranty than the manufacturer's warranty. Some used car warranties include roadside assistance and tows. Warranty conditions vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. CPO guarantees usually cover the same services as new vehicle warranties.