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The Many Uses of Blue Laser Pointer

Blue laser pointers are useful devices that have both commercial and personal use broad. Its distinctive blue light has a wavelength band of between 360 and 480 nanometers.

Creating this type of laser has been a dream of researchers for decades. Later became a reality when a Japanese engineering professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara, finding the right material for use in developing this color. To learn more information about 3d subsurface laser engraving you may check here

The Many Uses of Blue Laser Pointer

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Japanese professor and inventor, Shuji Nakamura, successfully developed the first blue laser in 1996, four years after he invented the first blue LED is fully functional in 1992.

Instead of the usual zinc selenide that previous researchers use when trying to develop a blue laser, Dr. Nakamura uses materials deposited on sapphire substrates. However, the number of defects when using these materials is still too high to allow the creation of high-power lasers. Dr. Nakamura later tried using gallium nitride crystals and was able to develop blue beams have twice the yield and lifetime ten times.

Since then, the blue light technology to be one of the most widely used by various industries. The application range of optoelectronic data storage for medical applications, as well as in popular pointing device.

Today, a blue laser pointer is one of the most popular devices used in slide presentations and a variety of professional applications and other non-professionals.