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Steps To Home Solar Panel Maintenance

Solar panels are designed as "maintenance-free" renewable energy sources. There aren't moving components to wear or lubricate out in the main part, they sit on the ground. However, as time passes solar panels reduce their efficiency in converting sunlight into clean electricity to power your home. Dirt and algae, dirt leaves, debris, leaves, and many other things can impact the amount of sun that gets to your solar cells.

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the optimal performance of your home's solar panels. You can also hire Roof & Solar Panel Cleaning services for a better experience.

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Here are a few steps to help you to ensure that your solar power running:

1) Clean Plexiglas surfaces

2.) Make sure you seal the waterproof seals

3) Check/clear weep holes

4) Check/tighten electrical connections

5.) Verify the security of mounting hardware

Cleansing the Plexiglas is a task that requires diligence. Plexiglas surfaces can be damaged through hard and dirty brushes or harsh cleaners. Avoid using scrubbers or cleaners that are scrubbing because they can create scratches on the Plexiglas surface.

Examine the seams of the waterproof for indications of water leakage, algae or mold development, or separation of the caulk from the substrates. Get rid of any algae or mold then apply the silicone caulk to protect the surfaces.

Maintaining your solar panels will ensure many years of clean, trouble-free energy for your home.