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Some Common Problems In Growing Carrots

Carrots are a popular vegetable that is sweet, delicious, and rich in nutrients. Although we don’t know if carrots can help you see in the dark, we all agree that they are versatile vegetables. You can buy polytunnel for sale in Ireland via

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They are a staple ingredient of many savory favorites – such as, as a side dish in a Sunday roast or finely grated as a summer salad – but they can also be used in sweet dishes as well, as the wonderful carrot cake has proven time and again.

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting in gardening, or an experienced gardener, growing carrots at your home can be difficult. This growing guide will share the best tips and tricks to help you grow your homegrown carrots. 

Before we get into the details of which carrots you should grow and how to plant them, it is a good idea that you are aware of one of the most common problems in growing these tasty vegetables. 

Carrot flies are the biggest problem you might face. These winged pests love to feast on vegetables and plants, causing havoc on your crop. This is the best way to prevent it. There are some other ways to stop these unwanted pests from getting into your garden.

Installing cloches, or purchasing a polytunnel is the best choice. These cloches create a strong polythene barrier around your vegetable garden to keep pests away. We recommend that you install your polytunnel or cloche as soon as you can because this will allow little to no time for carrot flies and other pests to get trapped.