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Introduction Of LastObject Big Laundry Bag

LastObject's Big Laundry Bag is an environmentally-friendly, sustainable laundry bag that can hold your towels, rounds, and other items.

Make sure your laundry is in order:

You can wash your LastRounds and LastTissues in the LastObject environment-friendly laundry tote without mixing them with another laundry. You can also wash single-use items with it. LastObject Laundry Bag for LastTissue - Organic Cotton - Eco Friendly - Sustainable Washing Bag : Home & Kitchen

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Wash & Reuse:

Use LastRounds and LastTissues in a machine wash at 140°F/ 60°C in the Laundry Bag. You are making the world a better place every time you wash your reusable products.

Multi-Sized and Organic Cotton:

The 100% organic cotton used in our Laundry Bag is sustainable and uses fewer resources. You can choose from a Large or Regular Size depending on your needs.

Different types of laundry bags:

The type of closure used to close laundry bags varies. The quality of the materials used to make laundry bags can also vary. Texon only uses the best mesh to make durable bags that can withstand heavy washings in an athletic department setting. Texon offers three types of mesh bags.

Zipper Mesh Laundry Bags:

The zipper closure was designed to be easy to use. You simply place your items inside the bag and zip it shut. Zippers are the most susceptible to damage and tend to wear out the fastest of all three.

Rubber Closure Laundry Bags:

Rubber closures protect the contents of the mesh bag and prevent damage to the washer or dryer. These closures can be lost during the drying/washing process and are therefore the most difficult to use.