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How To Use The Hair Clay

It is a substance that is ideal for short or medium lengths of hair. It typically provides a firm medium to medium hold and a matte look. When compared to other hair products like gel, this isn't as recent, however, it's been around for some time.

How to Use Hair Clay

Hair clay is very simple to apply. Here are some steps you can take to achieve the most effective results.

Step 1 – Hair Prep

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Step 2. Small Pea Size of Clay

  • What amount of clay should you make use of? A small amount of clay can be utilized to get started.

  • The additions are possible at a later date if needed

Step 3. Get It Warm

  • The clay is rubbed together between your palms.

  • Check for clumps, and that there's a consistent amount of your hands

Step 4 – Style Your Hair

  • Apply the clay to your hair, and style it however you want.

Step 5 – Finished

  • Make sure that the hair is properly set and you're content

  • You may choose to purchase an end-to-end product, but this isn't usually required.

Simple to apply a manageable hair clay is an excellent product for male hair, which is either medium or short in length. It can be worked on and styled all day long.