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Hiring A Construction Accident Attorney

Legal professionals who deal with construction-related accidents and other incidents. Your job is to ensure that those injured on the construction site are compensated by the people accountable for these incidents. 

Professionals like Graves Thomas Rotunda Injury Law Group deal with all legal matters aimed at sustaining legal proceedings against the employer/construction company and their respective insurance companies so that accident victims are adequately compensated.

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Construction accident attorneys are certified in law-related areas to protect the rights of construction workers as well as others who have been injured at their construction sites. They provide assistance to a range of workers who are at risk on construction sites, including plumbers, electricians, roofers and forklift operators among others.

They work on the assumption that the security of workers working on construction sites rests entirely on the building owner and contractors. The responsibility for safety measures at construction sites also lies on site engineers and other licensed professionals on site like engineers and architects. 

In reality, studies have shown that construction accidents result from inattention and negligence on the part of the professionals. It is therefore the obligation of the lawyer for construction accidents to ensure that these professionals are held accountable.


A majority of the construction accident attorneys are employed by law firms or private practice, based on their academic credentials. But, the majority work for law firms that's primary market is the real estate and construction industry. If accidents at construction sites occur they are the first personnel to be sent to construction locations. 

Their task is to collect relevant evidence such as exhibits, testimony, witness statements together with the police, as well as other relevant reports from the location of the accident sufficient enough to keep the trial going. But their biggest liability is in the extent to which the negligence and inattention of the employer or contractor could be connected to the incidents.

They also offer first legal advice for those who are affected by legal representation to ensure that they do not get scammed or bullied. In the majority of cases, they typically take legal action against those who caused the accident and as quickly as they can to ensure that there is no distortion or interference.