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Hard Money Lending Success: It’s All About Relationships

It is not an accident that many of the same real-estate investors work with the same private lenders and hard money lenders over and over again. Their successful partnership is built on mutual help in making money. Anyone can do it!

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Hard Money 101: Everything You Need To Know About Getting Started With Hard Money Loans - REtipster

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Your hard money lender can help you share the wealth. You can refer investment deals that meet your criteria to your hard money lender(s). They will appreciate you referring them to deals that meet their criteria. Most likely, they will remember that they "owe" you one.

You can make the job of the hard money lender a bit easier. This can be done by providing a professionally organized loan package that contains compelling information about the investment and your plans.

The lender will then approve the loan. You should anticipate any questions the private lender or hard money lender might ask and address them in your loan package.

Private lenders may be businessmen or real estate professionals, but they are often just retired people with money to invest. They lend their money, and the money comes back to them instantly in the form of mortgage payments that pay a much higher rate than what a CD or money-market account would pay.

Be sure to send them early and include information about the project, such as before and after photos, and perhaps even a note thanking them for being a "partner" in the success of your project. 

This makes the deal more rewarding for them and will make it more likely that they will help you with your future real estate financing needs.