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Greatest K-BBQ Tavern In Singapore Which Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Korea

Get your broiled meats and banchan fix at these high spots! It is almost always a relaxing affair in a BBQ restaurant, where succulent meats are grilled at your desk. Being a veritable melting pot of cultures and restaurants of Halal Korean bbq in Singapore has its own fair share of restaurants to enjoy the grilled goodness of various meats and fish, together with the typical hotpot.

The bonus: you receive a completely free stream of banchan (Korean side dishes), from kimchi into fishcakes to mashed potatoes. Following is a fast guide to the 20 best places to visit for your K-BBQ repair in Singapore.  Happy grilling!

1.  Pujim BBQ

This stylish Korean BBQ joint is very good for indulging in tasty, high-quality meats, with friendly and attentive service to boot.  Great for both big and tiny groups, waiters can help grill and part the meats, including the Pujim Shovel which packs a few individuals and includes superior A4 Wagyu ribeye, Prime Black Angus boneless short rib, Iberico Bellota pork collar, and rib finger, in addition to Duroc pork stomach.

2.  8 Korean BBQ

This stylish Korean joint is so known because of its specialization 8 Colours Place, comprising eight tastes of marinated Mangalitza steak — a rare Hungarian breed of tender, ruby-red steak — for barbecuing. 

3.  Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ

This hot Korean BBQ franchise, with over 220 sockets in South Korea, specializes in Korean Galmaegisal (pictured), a top cut of pork skirt that is denser and more lavish. In reality, it had been traditionally was just served on the Royal Family in Korea. Discuss dining such as royalty! Regardless of the luxury setting, costs continue to be cheap for the food that they must give.  Ideal for special events.