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Forklift Parts

Important equipment in lifting and transporting heavy materials, forklifts are powerful trucks intended to be used at construction sites and warehouses. Sustainable development and the use of expanded forklifts over the years have produced different forklift parts available as add-ons to forklifts.

Typical forklifts contain roll clamps, cardboard clamps and rotators as standard forklift parts. Roll Clamps is an attachment (they can be mechanical or hydraulic) that extort items to be moved. They are widely used to handle barrels or paper scrolls.


Forklift Clamp - Box Clamp - Forklift Attachments | Cascade

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On the other hand, the carton clamp is a hydraulic attachment that allows forklifts to open and close the load, squeeze it to retrieve it. Carton clamps are used to move products such as cartons, boxes and bales. Rotator helps in handling the slippage that may have become excessive slope and other special material handling needs.

The selected forklift section wisely as an add-on can really add extraordinary value to forklifts. When forklifts are available in many variations and load capacity, the standard attachment must also be purchased or leased according to the nature of the use of forklifts i.e. Is it used in warehouses, construction sites or shipping terminals.

Given that the forklift is actually a mini truck, you also have to change tires in the forklift purchased or hired from time to time. In general, all companies selling parts forklifts have new forklift tire stocks too. And one word of advice, if your part is new and expensive, make sure they come with a guarantee from the manufacturer or seller. This makes sense if the forklift section is spoiled before the time