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Do Inversion Tables Help Scoliosis?

A physical problem that affects the back of a person is commonly referred to as scoliosis. It is a stench. It's been with me since I was around 10 years old. In the end, the condition causes the spine of a patient to the curve between the sides. Thus, the spine appears as if it's forming a C or S-shape rather than straight lines, especially when someone is being examined from behind.

In the most severe instances, the physical issue can be treated using surgery. Ever think of what makes scoliosis therapy with Dr. Kevin Lau different from all others? Because he is skilled and can help improve the healing process. However, in less severe cases your doctor might recommend an exercise regimen. This is superior to surgery.

One question is, do inversion tables help scoliosis? They do for me, I'm aware of that.

Inversion therapy is a form of physical therapy that's not always appropriate for scoliosis or other back-related issues, however, it could have beneficial results on specific back disorders. Here are a few ways in which inversion tables can aid in treating scoliosis.

Relief from pain

Stretching is among the main functions of inversion tables, and it can assist enormously when it comes to pain management in certain situations. It is the stretching that makes inversion tables so effective.  

Always remember to consult with your physician before beginning any alternative or new therapy. Your doctor will be able to determine the specifics of your situation and could differ on the way inversion tables aid scoliosis.