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Decorating With Wall Decor

It's not easy to find and purchase wall decor that accents any room. There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing big wall art for your home.

An insufficiently small piece will make the wall look bare and uninteresting. A large piece will be too big and will overpower the space, making it look overwhelming and too big. These are some ways to make decorative wall art have the designer effect you want.

CONTEMPLATION 2 (round) - NZ Tui (canvas art / framed print) - Creative NZ photography & art by Lucy G

The Shape of Things to Come

Consider the style, color, and size of wall art. Also, consider the arrangement of the pieces with other furnishings and whether they will enhance the mood. While strong horizontal lines will guide your eyes through the room, sharp vertical points will cause your gaze to pause for a moment. 

Round shapes are more relaxing and calming than angular ones. You can create visual rhythm in your room with space as well as what you put on the walls. For your mind to be at ease, it needs to find a place to rest. Nothing stands out if everything is trying to grab your attention.

Take into account the size and shape of the wall

Consider your wall as a blank canvas when hanging wall art. The wall should have some space around the art to provide a visual border. Otherwise, it will appear as though the art is crammed in the space. An art piece too large for the space will appear awkward. A grouping too close together will make it look crowded. 

To get an idea of how the grouping will look on the wall, you should first try it on the ground. You can trace the outline of each piece on a piece of brown paper. Once you are satisfied with your display, arrange them and rearrange them with masking tape. Make sure to check the back of each piece to find the location of the hanger. Next, mark the wall with a pencil behind your paper. Finally, hang your wall decor.