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Core Task of Human Resource Management

Human Resources play an important role in any organisation's growth and comprise so many to build and maintain healthy employee relationships. It is a fact that today, in any organisation, workforce forms its core. 

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The existence of an organisation depends on how it maintains its relationship with its employees. To manage these employees is precisely human resource management. The organisations to gain in the form of tax concession when investment on employees' welfare is initiated wholly or partly. 

It is, therefore, essential that an organisation, whether in manufacturing or trading sector, ensures to provide quite a good number of facilities as a part of the motivation. This, in turn, enhances productivity resulting in inadequate profits.

Thus it becomes mandatory on the part of the management to ensure the maintenance of the cordial relationship with employees. 

Let us have a look at some of the key measures:

1.Monthly one to one session where employees can reveal their personal and professional problems.

2.Facility to employees to suggest means of improvement on production, increasing productivity by the use of improved machinery and tools.

3.Appreciation in the form of monetary and gift rewards for the excellent performance of employees.

4. Conducting regular health check-ups, providing life and health insurance coverage for their safety with concessions to their family members.

5.Affinity to closer employer-employee relationship with periodical get-togethers.

All these are core roles and responsibilities of the HR manager that helps organisations to bring out solutions on maintaining an employer-employee relationship.