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Common Problems With Gutter Systems

It is a common task to clean the gutter at your home. This is important in order to maintain the property's structural integrity. The gutter won't work properly if it isn’t cleaned regularly. If leaves and other debris get in the gutter, it can cause damage to the roof and fascia (area below the guttering), as well as to the foundation of a home (crawl space/basement) if water is allowed over the gutter's side and down one wall.

It is easy to clean the guttering and downpipes. However, if you find damage to your gutters, it is possible that one of these common problems might be present. Fixing home gutter issues benefits you and your homes’ health. 

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A buildup of debris can cause holes to form in the gutter. Tree debris can cause damage to the gutters of homes. The use of special roofing cement is a simple way to fix holes. A gutter hole that is not repaired quickly can grow in size, leading to significant damage. Roof cement looks like caulk, and can easily fix a hole of this nature.

A guttering system pulled away from the home might sag, which can cause water to build up and not drain as intended. For maximum drainage potential, guttering systems should be pitched or angled in the direction of a downspout. 

The blockage is a common problem in gutter systems. It's caused by the accumulation of leaves, twigs and other debris. Blockages in the drainage system are more obvious after heavy rains or severe weather. 

They appear near the mouth and elbow of the downspout. It is easy to access all areas and you can usually clean them by removing the debris and lifting the joints. To prevent blockages, gutter protectors can be installed to keep debris out.