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Choose the Right Agile Methodology With External Dependencies

Software development is a complex set of tasks. Achieving results requires multi-stakeholder commitment and coordinated participation. The Agile methodology describes some guidelines and provides a broader framework to facilitate the development process. 

It is important to choose the right framework for effective project management. Making good decisions will make the project smoother and increase the involvement of team members. You can get more information about the right agile-based methodologies via

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Scrum software development is an iterative development process based on values. Each iteration is called a sprint. Sprints begin with planning and end with reviews and retrospectives. Scrum defines 3 roles:

Product Owner (CO): The Product Owner is responsible for creating a priority list of all product functions, known as Product Breaks.

Scrum Master (SCM): The Scrum Master focuses on goals and helping the development team break down barriers. The Scrum Master is also responsible for activating Scrum artifacts.

Development Team: At the start of the Sprint, the Development Team selects several roles based on their capacity. Usually, the most important functions are selected first. 

Ideally, all selected functions should be performed and delivered at the end of the sprint.

Kanban framework in a nutshell

Kanban is a Japanese invention that is primarily a planning system for lean production and just-in-time (JIT) production. It is also seen as a supply chain control system in the supply chain.

Agile project management involves providing the right value quickly. Choosing the right methodology can be the only factor between failure and success.