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Are The Latest South East Asia News Updates Snooze-Worthy?

Southeast Asia is one of the most populated and fastest-growing regions in the world. With the population nearing the 4.5-billion mark, it is a very attractive destination for both visitors and investors alike. However, with so many people come news updates – too many to keep up with! In today's article, we are going to take a look at some of the latest South East Asia news updates.

The latest south Asia news updates may be snooze-worthy, but there is always something happening in the region. Whether it's political unrest or natural disasters, southeast Asia is never boring. You can also click on this link to know more about the recent updates.

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Here are some recent stories that you may have missed.

1. Thai King Vajiralongkorn Makes a Rare Appearance in Public

King Vajiralongkorn made a rare appearance in public, attending a Buddhist ceremony at the Grand Palace in Bangkok. The event was seen as an indication of the king's health and strength after he spent months recuperating from surgery.

2. Rohingya Refugees Protest Against Deportation in Malaysia

Rohingya refugees protesting against their deportation from Malaysia marched along a busy street, blocking traffic and setting fires to tires. More than 600 people have been rounded up and are being transported to Bangladesh since Friday night.

3. Thailand's Constitutional Court Rejects Military Rule for Second Time

The Constitutional Court rejected military rule for a second time, restoring control of the government to civilian leaders after months of protests and political instability. The court's decision was seen as a victory for democracy in Thailand, which has had three military coups in the past.