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All about Jamaica Family Vacations

The Jamaican economy is dependent on tourism. It attracts close to 2 million tourists each year. Jamaica's tourism industry contributes $1.4 billion annually to the country's economy. From December to April, Jamaica saw the most visitors. 

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Apart from its beautiful scenery, rich cultural offerings, and stunning beaches, Jamaica is known for offering a wide range of exciting activities that are suitable for all ages.

Parents can choose from many activities depending on their interests. Parents who visit Jamaica love to relax on the beach, get a massage or spa treatment and visit museums and galleries. 

Parents who are more adventurous may choose to take up water sports like snorkeling, jet skiing, scuba diving, or swimming. You can also find bike tracks that are suitable for both novice and experienced bikers.

Students and teens love to spend time at the beach and enjoy a variety of water sports such as scuba diving and snorkeling. Many enjoy visiting popular nightclubs that feature live reggae music. 

Jamaicans don't have strict age limits and aren't as strict about drinking alcohol. Jamaica offers a variety of activities for children, including water sports and nature trails. Children may find it enjoyable enough to play on the beaches of Jamaica. Jamaica offers a lot of fun activities for families, so it's a great spot to take a family vacation.

Jamaican families may be eligible for discounts from travel agencies on airfares, accommodation, land transportation, and meals. While it may be easier to hire a travel agent, many people still plan their vacations themselves. 

Consumers are encouraged to carefully review the services offered by the resorts or hotels they intend to stay at, as well as the variety of activities that they have. You can also ask if these activities are included in the hotel rate.