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A Brief About Hydraulic Cylinder and its Parts

Hydraulic cylinders or hydraulic motors are one of the many mechanical devices used in engineering vehicles. It utilizes pressurized hydraulic fluid to produce linear styles or movements. 

In many cases, a hydraulic cylinder (Also known as “ กระบอกไฮดรอลิก “ in the Thai Language) serves a purpose in power transfering.  When it comes to choosing such products, someone must be able to look into the configuration, operating specifications, construction materials and other features.

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When it comes to the operation of this device, one must be able to understand what transpiration is actually done in the process. The main part is a barrel of cylinders, pistons and piston rod. Hydraulic cylinders are designed in two different styles. The first is known as a tie rod cylinder or that utilizes reinforced steel rods and threaded to connect the end to the cylinder barrel. 

It’s very popular in the factory. The types of popular designs are small bore cylinders with a typical 4 tie stem and a large bore cylinder that often contains at least 16 tie stems to make it function properly. These designs are very beneficial on several equipment including bulldozers, excavators and road classes for construction and picked up trucks forks and lift the gate for handling materials.